The Journey Begins

Ballydonoghue Bardic Festival

Ballydonoghue is to have its own festival next year.

Two Hundred years ago, Lisselton Bardic School in the parish of Ballydonoghue was famous throughout Munster and beyond for Poetry and Learning. It was the seat of The Court of The Wise, Cúirt na Súagh, led by Pádraig Liath Ó Conchubhair, hedge schoolmaster, poet, teacher, writer and native Irish speaker.

On March 23rd to 25th 2018, Lisselton Bardic School will be reborn as Ballydonoghue Bardic Festival, an annual weekend festival to celebrate this outstanding literary tradition.

A programme of events is being planned with the emphasis on fun and enjoyment as much as on culture. Sports fans can look forward to a number of activities, perhaps even a hurling first for the parish!

Gabriel Fitzmaurice, no stranger to fun and enjoyment himself, as well as being a poet, teacher, writer and native Irish speaker chomh maith, has agreed to open the festival on the Friday night.

Competitions in creative writing in Irish and English will be held during the run-up to the festival, with prizes for the Junior and Adult winners to be awarded on opening night.

Music, writing and story-telling workshops will take place on Saturday, with an old-fashioned variety concert of poetry, music and song featuring local performers planned for Saturday night.

An open-microphone session on Sunday morning will no doubt see more of the same and will bring the festival to a close.


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