Ballydonoghue Bardic Festival

From Lisselton Bardic School to Ballydonoghue Bardic Festival

Until Tony O’Shea wrote his fine article as Gaeilge in last year’s edition of The Ballydonoghue Magazine, many of us were only vaguely aware of this highly significant chapter in the story of our extensive literary heritage, The Lisselton Bardic School.

The account by Tony (translated below) of the work of Padraig Liath Ó Conchubhair, the unsung literary giant of Lisselton, inspired a group of people in the parish to get together to explore the possibility of initiating a weekend festival in honour of Padraig Liath, maybe even an annual event, located in Ballydonoghue and centred round the themes of poetry, music and song.

A few short months later, after several meetings, the formation of a committee and the hosting of a very enjoyable coffee-morning fund-raiser in Tomaisín’s, the parish is well on the way to having its very own festival next year.

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